Sea Of Trees

they are told to stay on the paths

for it is easy to lose yourself among the sea of trees

for curiosity will kill the mind, as one wanders away from the laid out line

for what they will find in the depth of the forest, can give chills down your spine

the plastic tape from the unknown, in a way to find their way back home

abandoned shoes filled with moss, unrecognizable photos spilled across

the roots rising from the ground and the slippery walks of ones who won’t be found

to stumble upon the lifeless body of one hung is normal

for it’s said the dead are paranormal

the eery silence of the forest can make one’s mind go mad

with a sudden scream in the distance, you could have ran

but the sea of trees consumes you and curiosity will kill the cat

if you are lucky enough to get out, never return for you will not last

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