The most memorable type of genre is the one that never gets old, transgressive fiction would be that genre. The variety of ways to talk about this genre is endless. It is helpful in relating to whichever time period someone could be writing in or about. A common concept that relates to society throughout the years, and especially now, would be the idea of being the outsider and defying society.

In the twenty-first century, being different and defying the norm of what others say or do has become quite common. For instance, within the last year, the LGBT community has become quite a large subject in the media. Many people, such as celebrity Caitlyn Jenner  who was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, have come out to announce that they are transgender. The idea of being born in the wrong body is not new, however, only recently it has become acceptable to society to say that. Many youths have become involved in supporting the lives of the LGBT community, with many of the youths themselves coming out. With the large uprise in social media and technology, learning about these subjects has become much easier for people to access. The easier it is to access the more people are able to understand or even relate to the subject. When someone reads or watches a story on a homosexual or transgender person, it is not uncommon to find someone relating to how that person feels or acts. These connections are important for many people, especially if they are terrified of coming out. All a person ever wants is acceptance, no matter their gender or sexuality. So, for someone to learn they are not alone and they have a purpose or meaning in society is crucial!

LGBT rallies are common to see nowadays, one does not have to be a part of the LGBT community to walk or protest in them. The idea of just supporting the group is enough to prove your acceptance of what it is about. It is that small amount of support that helps further the movement. This subject matter has been known as taboo since many religions and cultures believe that a higher power has chosen who one is to be in their life, and to question if that higher power made a mistake is unthinkable. So, for a woman or man to come out as homosexual, would be going against the norm of a female and male relationship; defying the norm of some religions. The same would go for a transgender person, to say that one was born in the wrong body would be not accepting the life a higher power, such as God or Jesus in Christianity, gave one. The unacceptance of the LGBT community has torn apart many families and has even resulted in suicide. Both correlating to the common theme in transgressive fiction of defying something.

It is important to continue the transgressive genre, not only in novels but also in the film industry. It is a subject that can not be ignored, and the amount of people in the world who can relate is huge. Feeling as if one is an outsider is common, especially during one’s teenage years. Looking to discover who one is and what their purpose in life is a thought that has crossed over everyone’s mind. Without transgressive fiction, how would anyone know it is okay for them to be different and not follow the social norm?  The stories in transgressive fiction, are able to help many people discover who they are. Happiness in one’s individuality is more important than following any type of social norm.



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